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Sue Reinstein

Sue Reinstein

Inspired by almost anything and everything, craft creator Sue Reinstein, is humbled by being the current president of the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild. She enjoys obtaining tricks from fellow artists and sharing what she has learned with others.


Sue has always enjoyed many crafts over the years. She has dabbled in sewing, macramé, painting, rubber stamping, crocheting, embroidery, knitting and just about everything else that she has come across.


She took several years of metal-smith and jewelry making at Cypress College. One semester her teacher, introduced the class to Polymer Clay. Sue was not happy as she had ‘tried’ Polymer Clay years before and didn’t like it at all. Little did she know that she just didn’t really understand the clay. With proper instruction on the correct techniques to prepare and use the clay, it quickly became her new love. She decided to join the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild to pursue her clay interests. She was overwhelmed with the knowledge and expertise of her fellow members. Several of the members are accomplished and well respected authors and teachers. What even amazes her more is the willingness of each member to share with and teach each other, no matter what level of experience each of them are at. Our guild is a great place to learn, have fun and make new friends. She also LOVES that her talented granddaughter, Molly, is part of the guild and she has become a fun ‘claymate’!


Sue admits that she is more crafty than artistic. She enjoys creating items she finds in magazines, books or on the Internet and then tweaking them to make them her own. Her favorite thing is to add clay to jewelry findings and is always searching for ‘things’ she can add clay to. The challenges and swaps that the guild does on a regular basis fill her with inspirations for future projects. She is eager to learn additional techniques, see what the other members come up with next and explore her own creativity.

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