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Kathy Davis

Whether it’s animal or human form, Kathy Davis gives her sculptured dolls and figures a wonderful sense of character. Each of her dolls seems to have a life of its own and a secret to share. Her characters may or may not look like they are of this world, but she hopes to represent common emotions and experiences in each one.

Although artistic exploration has been a lifelong endeavor, Kathy has just been working with polymer clay for the past 18 years. She is both a wonderful artist and a giving instructor. Her students have been both novice beginners and experienced dollmakers.

Kathy is also a senior teacher for Art Clay Silver. She has enjoyed both adding silver to her dolls and adding character to her silver. Kathy has displayed in many national-level doll shows and has received several awards for her creations. Collectors across the nation and around the world enjoy her work.