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Donna Price


I would say I have to give credit to my talent and love for arts and crafts in any form to my father and my great grandfathers who were painters. One in Arizona and the other in Greece. My father was a very talented artist and always inspired me to achieve in any medium I choose to work in.

I have a love for art and while in high school ceramics was my medium. Later I got interested in beading and have been making jewelry for a number of years. We have lots a family in Canada and  when they come to visit they always take a number of pieces back as gifts. I have also been asked to created jewelry for the weddings of family and friends up there.

I came across polymer clay at a yard sale and bought it. I started reading and researching it and creating and this is how I found the OC Polymer Clay Guild. I have learned a lot from other members of the Guild and I’m grateful to those members that go out of their way to share their knowledge and experience.  I would have to say that designing jewelry comes first then figures.

I really enjoy our “Clay Days”. It gives us the opportunity to get together and experiment, create and exchange ideas in an informal setting. If you haven’t attended one you should try to do so.

Without a doubt the highlight of my polymer clay experience so far is winning ribbons at the 2012 O.C. fair!